About Us

About Us

Wood. Naturally Better.™

The Wood. Naturally Better.™ website has been created to give you information about Australia's forest and wood products sector. The aim is to help everyone understand the natural advantages of wood and its positive contribution to reducing the effects of climate change.

Wood. Naturally Better.™ is resourced by Forest and Wood Products Australia Pty Ltd (FWPA, www.fwpa.com.au) and is a collaborative effort between FWPA members and levy payers; it is supported by industry peak bodies and technical associations.

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Make It Wood

Make It Wood - Do Your World Some Good is Planet Ark’s campaign to encourage the increased use of responsibly sourced wood as a building material. When sourced responsibly, wood can play a big part in helping tackle climate change. Make It Wood details the benefits of wood and provides examples of how responsibly sourced wood has been used across the world as a building material and for everyday items.


Planet Ark's Environmental Edge

Planet Ark's Environmental Edge is a series of information-based TV advertisements designed to increase understanding among consumers of the environmental benefits of the featured products and services. A large body of research suggests that consumers are hungry for simple and accurate information to help them make better environmental choices but they're also skeptical about many 'green' claims.

Planet Ark verifies the claims of the featured products or services to ensure they are true, accurate and represent an environmental improvement over alternatives. Planet Ark is not necessarily endorsing the full company or its full range of actions, products or services.




Did you know?

Australia’s native forests, timber plantations and wood products are net absorbers of greenhouse gases, sequestering 56.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2005, reducing Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10%.