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Wood: art design architecture winner

Monday, 2nd Sep 2013

Ruminating on recycled rum barrels is a winner in the WOOD: art design architecture exhibition. A description of a sculpture made from recycled rum barrels took the first prize of an iPad in the Wood. Naturally Better.™ sponsored competition at the Adelaide Jam... Read more

New Print & Online Advertisements

Friday, 8th Mar 2013

Now appearing in weekend magazines, selected print media and online – three new Wood. Naturally Better.™ advertisements featuring three applications of wood – structural, cladding and flooring and furniture. The new ads build on the first series –... Read more

Native forest biodiversity study

Friday, 8th Mar 2013

A landmark study has found that appropriately managed production forest landscapes have a similar biodiversity to that of largely undisturbed landscapes. The research, commissioned by Forest and Wood Products Australia and carried out by Forestry Tasmania and the University... Read more

World Wood Day 2013

Tuesday, 5th Mar 2013

About 2013 World Wood Day March 21st is officially designated and recognized as the International Day of Forests by the United Nations General Assembly and 2013 is the first year of recognition. World Wood Day is celebrated on the same day as the International Day of... Read more

Australia’s most prestigious forestry prize

Monday, 4th Mar 2013

Australia’s most prestigious forestry prize Applications are now being taken for the 2013 Russell Grimwade Prize for the advancement of forestry science in Australia. The Prize provides $40K to meet all or part of the costs for postgraduate study in forest science at... Read more

Trees grow from the sky? See the proof.

Saturday, 15th Sep 2012

Popular opinion would have us believe that trees grow from the ground, that's what roots are for right? Wrong. Most of the substance of trees comes from the sky in the form of carbon dioxide and water. And what have jiggling atoms got to do with it? Click through to watch... Read more

World’s tallest wooden residential building in Melbourne

Tuesday, 5th Jun 2012

London’s Stadthaus in Murray Grove has achieved global recognition as the world’s tallest wooden residential structure. Now Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour at Docklands is poised to take the mantle with Forté. The tip of a woodberg, Forté is... Read more

2012 Certification Forum Report

Tuesday, 5th Jun 2012

Resellers, ENGOs and industry meet on neutral ground to discuss the future of wood certification in Australia A group of almost 100 representatives from ENGOs, the forest and wood industry, retailers, manufacturers and engineers gathered at Dockside in Sydney's Darling... Read more

Follow the UK Field Tour Online

Tuesday, 15th May 2012

Chris Philpot, Campaign Manager for Planet Ark's Make it Wood campaign has joined the WoodSolutions 2012 UK Field Tour. Chris will be blogging his experiences and we're publishing them on the WoodSolutions site. So, sit back and prepare to be an armchair participant in the... Read more


Did you know?

Australia’s 1.9 million hectares of timber plantations produce about two-thirds of the timber products consumed by Australians each year.