National Carpenters Day - Friday October 25

Thursday, 24th Oct 2013

Wood. Naturally Better.™ is proud to be a sponsor of National Carpenters Day: Friday 25th October.

At TAFEs, hardware stores and building companies around Australia, 10,000 of Australia’s favourite tradies - the chippies will celebrate their day with another snag on the barbie.

The winners of the carpenter of the year and apprentice carpenter of the year will also be presented with their awards.

Congratulations to:

Nicholas Power from Victoria – Carpenter of the Year

Bradley Altmann from Queensland – Apprentice Carpenter of the Year


Friday 25 October 2013

10.15am – Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.  Corner of Bell St & Waterdale Rd, Heidelberg.  Courtyard outside Building K.

National Carpenters Day honours carpenters as some of Australia’s unsung heroes and custodians of one of the oldest crafts. The story would resonate with communities across Australia, with many of us knowing a chippy or having experienced their craftsmanship.

We often take wood for granted, but from home to work, wood and the work of carpenters is an essential part of our lives.

Every carpenter is working for our environment too, because wood is our only large scale renewable bulding material. And wood also helps tackle climate change because some 50% of the weight of dry wood is carbon, stored for life by a growing tree. Plus wood has low embodied energy (the energy, usually fossil fuels that has been used to produce and process it) compared to other building materials.

So if you see a chippie tomorrow - give them a wave and tell them to keep up the good work of building our country and doing good for the environment.



Did you know?

In 2008 seventy percent of known old-growth trees are in nature conservation reserves.