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Sunday, 23rd Aug 2015

Wood. Naturally Better.™ TV campaign significantly boosts awareness

The long-running Wood. Naturally Better.™ advertisement, under Planets Ark’s Environmental Edge brand, again increased awareness of the commercial and its key messages during Aril/May 2015.

The television commercial, hosted by Peter Maddison, an award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia, was produced in 2011, the first advertising to feature Planet Ark’s Environmental Edge brand. Consumer research had shown that while many people understood that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, far fewer realised that the carbon remained stored in wood and wood products until they eventually decomposed or were burnt.

The commercial was designed to confirm wood’s aesthetic advantages by showing it in a beautiful setting – an award-winning house – while Peter Maddison, the presenter, explained the positive environmental benefits.

The spot has proven to be excellent value, having been aired since 2011 with the last two campaigns complemented by digital and online activity.

During the April-May 2015 campaign the commercial was seen at least once by more than 68% and 3+ times by more than 45% of people in metropolitan markets. This was complemented by activity in key regional areas.

Pre and post campaign tracking showed the effectiveness of the spot, with awareness of the commercial nearly doubling from 20% to 36%. Given the low media spend, the recognition is high, which suggests it is building on residual awareness from previous campaigns.

The research showed that the advertisement performed best among older people and those currently engaged in activities using wood and wood products (e.g. renovating, landscaping, etc.)

In addition to people remembering the advertisement, the research reported a positive shift in attitude for most attributes of wood – particularly those relating to environmental issues.

“This is a particularly pleasing result,’ said Ric Sinclair, Managing Director, FWPA, “our investment in the television commercial and Peter Maddison, the presenter, has delivered consistently good research results for years and contributed to a very significant list in community awareness of the many positive attributes and environmental values of wood.


Did you know?

Australia’s native forests, timber plantations and wood products are net absorbers of greenhouse gases, sequestering 56.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2005, reducing Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10%.