Wood. Naturally Better has grand designs on TV

Wednesday, 9th Apr 2014

Wood. Naturally Better.™ has grand designs on TV ad

On Sunday April 6th across Australia, television viewers were greeted by award-winning architect Peter Maddison, host of Grand Designs Australia, promoting wood for Planet Ark and Wood. Naturally Better.™

The commercial, produced under Planet Ark’s Environmental Edge brand and co-branded Wood. Naturally Better.™ returns to free-to-air and pay TV in metropolitans and major regional markets in a short, targeted schedule.

“Tracking research has indicated excellent increases in awareness of our key messages from the previous campaigns with respondents saying the points in the ad were believable ” said Ric Sinclair, Managing Director of Forest and Wood Products Australia. Our market research also shows this ad is effective in helping people’s understanding of the environmental benefits of wood – and indicates that Peter, our presenter, from Grand Designs Australia is doing a great job.  I look forward to this campaign continuing to create good results for our industry.”

In the commercial, Peter Maddison explains that wood stores carbon and that carbon is better locked away in wood than free in the environment. He ends by suggesting that by choosing wood, viewers are doing good.

Planet Ark’s Environmental Edge is a series of advertisements designed to provide people with facts to help them make more informed environmental decisions.

Paul Klymenko, Planet Ark’s CEO, said that Environmental Edge was providing a valuable service delivering facts to assist people make more informed environmental decisions and that he looked forward to the commercial helping promote the use of responsibly sourced wood.

On free to air TV, the spot will feature in programs such as My Kitchen Rules, Better Homes & Gardens, The Living Room, movies, news and lifestyle programs.

A pay TV and online schedule rounds out the campaign, aiming to reach a broad audience while targeting people interested in building and renovating.

You can see commercial at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8hQoM5AXpg&feature=youtu.be


Did you know?

Logs from plantations cannot produce the sawn hardwood timber produced from logs currently harvested from native forests.